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I offer my services as a guide in the mountains of Bulgaria. Rila, Pirin, Vitosha or the Balkan - it's up to you to decide! =) Of course, we can also hike in a smaller, not that popular mountain of ours - like Rui, Lyulin, etc. In the table below you'll find my rates. For a bigger group and/or longer adventures, you can ask me for an individual offer.

Note: the shown amount is in Bulgarian leva (1 lev = 0,5 EUR or 0,7 USD), per hiker. All guide's expenses about food, hotels and transport are also covered by the customers.


Hiking in Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) - Titov peak, Golyam Korab peak. Please contact me, if you're interested.

Trekking in Turkey - Erciyes volcano - 3916 m; Medetsiz tepe (Bolkar mountains) - 3524 m. The hiking can be combined with sea swimming and/or visit to the world famous Cappadocia, interesting with its strange shaped rocks and early Christian settlements. If you need an offer, just contact me.

Erciyes volcano, seen from South. In the bottom we can see a ski resort, which is our starting point. Our trail follows the long left edge, this is the classic route.

Here we see Medetsiz tepe, the highest peak of Bolkar Mountains. The view is from NW, where the descending way goes.

ORGANIZED EVENTS IN ECO-SPORT CENTER (Bulgarian Red Cross base, village of Lozen)

In the Center you would enjoy top-tree amusement park, survival trail and tent's bivouac. The place is already proven as a worthy alternative of green schools (for pupils) and team-building sites (for companies). Come to have a pleasant time with us! =)