Dimitar Nanchev
mobile nr. +359 888 12 11 77
e-mail - guided.treks@gmail.com
Certificate for professional qualification 032712 (Serial nr. К-05, reg. nr. 04-55/13.03.2008)

I'm born in 1979, in town of Gorna Oryahovitsa, Central North Bulgaria. In 1998 I gratuated from the secondary school in my native town, specialized in English and French. I can't miss my village Kessarevo, where I have so dear memories, made during every school holyday. It's a children's paradise, situated in the Pre-Balkan range. There is a river, hills, meadows... And the local disco, of course! In 2002 I upgraded my education by graduating from Sofia University, as a historian-ethnologist. After, I continued with a master degree of Tourism - in town of Smolyan, which I completed in 2005.
Unlike other mountaineers and guides, my interest about mountains didn't start from early age. During my youth it was inspired by the fantasy novels, after it took more practical shape, when I choose the nature as a professional field.
In 2006 I finished my education for mountain guide in "Mountains and people" assossiation, in 2009 I improved my qualification by adding "Guide for mountain cycling". So now I'm qualified to guide hikers on feet, with bicycles and snowshoes. I speak English well, not that well French, can also understand Russian, Macedonian, Serbian... But if we all speak the language of the Mountain, only empathy is what is left =)